Operations Support | Senior Guide

Lise completed her masters in Clinical Psychology and Organisation Psychology back in Belgium, where she originally is from.

Having worked within corporate for about 7 years, her focus has been on helping organisations through change. During this time she focused on creating awareness about the importance of resilience and well-being within an organisation, building leadership skills within the management teams and helping people create those skills needed to succeed in their life. It became clear her passion and drive lies with guiding people on their path towards growth.

Taking a break from it all, Australia became her new home. Besides traveling the beautiful country, and working within hospitality in the meantime, she never stopped learning and growing herself. She is eager to get back doing what she loves, allowing her empathy and her non judgmental approach to build trustworthy relationships and guide you on every step on the road. You will be in contact with her from the moment you reach out to us, to guide you through the process and answer any question you might have.

Outside of work, you will find her spending time with her friends, practicing yoga or reading a book. And you can be sure she spend lots of time in nature, either camping in the mountains, or enjoying the beach.

Qualifications :
Master of science in Psychology (Work & organization psychology)
Master of science in Psychology (Major Subject Clinical and Health Psychology)
Bachelor of science in Psychology

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